Becoming Truly Customer Focused The entire Inbound methodology depends on putting the customer at the centre of your marketing and sales flywheel as opposed to having your business at the centre of all your communication and strategies (outbound). This more modern “flywheel” type of thinking has seen to the success of HubSpot software that integrates CMS and CRM. Spitfire Inbound has become a leading agency in the inbound methodology, in South Africa. Spitfire was recently awarded four awards (1 Silver and 3 Gold) at the New Generation Awards in 2018 for campaigns completed on behalf clients who include Rentokil Initial, Suzuki Auto South Africa and Penquin to name a few. Still fairly new and unspoken of, Inbound Marketing integrates a lot of topics already due to be discussed during the Digital and Social Media Marketing Summit for 2019. These include but are not limited to: – The Role of Data in Marketing – Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence – Digital Marketing Strategy – Measurement, ROI and Analytics – Empowering through Marketing Automation – Content Marketing and Amplification – Enhancing Customer Experience through Digitally Influenced Marketing For the reason that Inbound stretches through so many relevant touch points, we would like to use this platform to present our latest case studies on the success of using Inbound Marketing to truly becoming customer focused in this day and age. These two case studies currently revolve around: – Customer-centric marketing automation across the funnel facilitated increased engagement for Suzuki Auto South Africa – along with a 115% increase in online leads. Read more from our blog here: – 30% growth in sales for Penquin through sales enablement training and the HubSpot CRM. Read more here: This topic would also look at the day to day mechanisms, trends and tools that we use to make sure the buyer’s journey moves from funnel to flywheel: the next marketing evolution (! This would also include a brief overview of the buyer’s persona, followed by an in-depth look at how and why it is necessary to nurture and generate leads using your an integrated system for your sales and marketing departments. If you don’t believe us by now, we’ll bring you the data to prove it ?

March 1 @ 14:00
14:00 — 14:45 (45′)