Training a QA team for web products. Several times I have built teams to provide excellent QA for web products, and I in this talk I will show you how. We will cover – Developing a foundation of QA knowledge and terms. Some tools I’ve used are skills lists and certifications. – The sort of tools you will need (api testing, performance testing, ui testing) – The sort of skill sets the team will have to have/develop based on your tool choices (e.g. you may get away with a team with no codeing skills if you buy a tool to do ui automation) How to help your company value QA more In this session we will review some techniques for improving the visibility and authority of QA at your company. – Leverage Agile: Connect with Agile evangelists at your firm. Agile places QA in a position of critical importance. Agile is taking over and as they gain influence they can help you make your case. – Transparency: you need to be able to show the tests you run, show the value you provide. Test case management can help by delivering lists of test names and charts showing results (e.g. 100 tests run 98 passed 1 blocked 1 failed) – Tracking: labels in jira, release notes in gotoassist.. This tracking collects evidence of the value of QA – Providing value. One easy way to provide value is to leverage automation.

August 29 @ 14:00
14:00 — 14:45 (45′)

Dan Schiff