With organizations around New Zealand increasingly recognizing the imperative of digital transformation, principles underpinning success are becoming clearer.

Through its work with multiple at-scale transformations, Assurity Consulting’s Russell Ewart shares what the company believes to be the biggest principle of all: Customer centricity.

But putting the customer first is easier said than done.
With software at the heart of every organization, technical change drives an internally biased view. While getting technical details right is important, transformations are instead about understanding the ‘outside-in’ customer view.

This is challenging because the systems upon which organizations depend are often far removed from the customers they serve. By the time business problems get to software developers, perceptions of what customers want or even who they are, are largely based on internal bias.

That’s why Assurity Consulting uses customer engagement and rapid prototyping to discover what good looks like for customers.

Through rapid, iterative API design cycles, Assurity embeds the voice of the Customer from conception to delivery and production. The outcome is Customer Centric delivery, reducing the total cost of API ownership. Demonstrable results are what matters. When Inland Revenue took a customer-centric approach to its business transformation, Assurity Consulting provided customer-focused extensive, exhaustive, and continuous testing of new systems and processes as they rolled out.

February 17 @ 10:45
10:45 — 11:30 (45′)

Russell Ewart