The speed of the digital evolution is creating increased pressure on organizations to remain competitive. With organizations around New Zealand, there is growing recognition of the importance of automation to
support fast, safe, incremental changes; the principles underpinning successful delivery.

Through his work on multiple at-scale transformations, Russell Ewart shares what Assurity believes to be the biggest principle of all: Placing your customer at the heart of automation to build trust in change. However, putting the customer first is easier said than done. With software at the heart of every organization, technical change drives
an internally biased view. Effective automation strategies are instead about understanding the ‘outside-in’ customer view, ensuring high value and enduring automation is created.

That’s why Assurity Consulting uses customer engagement and rapid prototyping to build automation that matters. Through rapid, iterative design cycles, Assurity embeds the voice of the customer from conception to delivery and production. The outcome is customer-centric automation that reduces the total cost of ownership for change.
Demonstrable results are what matters as evidenced in the Inland Revenue Business Transformation program. Assurity Consulting took a customer-centric approach that provided customer-focused continuous testing of new systems and processes as they rolled out, giving rise to enhanced return on investment and a lasting end-to-end
view of customer experience.

May 12 @ 10:45
10:45 — 11:30 (45′)

Russell Ewart