In many heavy weighted SDLC practises it was thought that development and testing are two separate activities (which led to long wait times for feedback), this is a misconception of good software engineering practises, they are intertwined. Fast feedback of tests is paramount to delivering quality to the client rapidly, especially with the complexities of distributed systems where more time is spent coding and testing for failure than business logic. Instilling good practises and having a well defined delivery pipeline is a good start to achieving this goal as is ensuring that you have stakeholder, both technical and business, buy in to the process; this in many cases requires a mindset change and a high level of discipline from all stakeholders involved. Implementation of seamless, repeatable and testable paths from development to release is a must, the more automation of these tasks the closer you will be to achieving this seamless delivery pipeline. Continuous testing underpins this rapid pace of delivering quality to the customer, from continuous integration, continuous delivery and continuous deployment, each building upon the former.

December 18 @ 09:00
09:00 — 09:45 (45′)

Rajshree Pandya