Software Quality and Testing have almost become synonymous to “Automation” in the industry today. Whilst the software industry has matured significantly in terms of quality process maturity and quality control, the debate still continues on how best to operationalize test automation to ensure faster, better and cost effective quality assurance to Clients! Can Automation even bring value and if it does, then at what cost? Can it truly scale to everyday testing needs and are the assets maintenance friendly without organizations having to recruit testers with strong development skills. How does an organization keep pace with the ongoing Software Automation Revolution in terms of the tools and technologies available and their constant evolution? This session will focus on proving that Automation is a Relevant Reality and some of the current Automation trends popular today. Focus will be on how a Client going through Digital Transformations or otherwise can effectively leverage benefits of automation and how to identify opportunities in everyday business to bring value through automation. Focus will also be on Scripting trends, benefits of thinking proprietary tools and open source in conjunction with each other for best results, including the adoption of Cloud technologies/SAAS products on Cloud. Co-Speaker information – Sri Sai Santhi Garimella will be presenting on this topic along with Ramapriya Raju. Santhi is a Senior Cloud Architect in Data Analytics Platform.

October 1 @ 13:15
13:15 — 14:00 (45′)

Ramapriya Raju