Writing UI component tests that run in your browser right alongside the development environment is a powerful workflow for test-driven development on the front end. In this talk, we will discuss how Component Testing works in Cypress, and how it lets developers take a component first, test-driven approach to developing components. This approach can streamline our end-to-end tests by shifting coverage of certain details (like accessibility and correctness of the DOM) to the left of the development process.

Mark will cover some “dos” and “don’ts” for component tests, and compare component testing to end-to-end testing, then talk about how both work together as part of an effective testing strategy for web applications, and some new opportunities for code sharing between testing types that might be worth exploring.

Takeaways from the topic:

  • How component testing and end-to-end testing are different
  • Some common pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • How to use the new Component Testing in Cypress 10 that mounts components in a live browser
  • How to share code between component and end-to-end tests in Cypress

September 20 @ 13:15
13:15 — 14:00 (45′)

Mark Noonan