Predictive Analytics is now crucial in software testing. Traditional quality metrics are reactive and we need to have a way to
prevent defects instead of fixing them faster. An analytics-based approach is a next-generation QA. The organization needs to
achieve both quality and speed which intensifies the pressure to engineering to foresee the kind of challenges and failures
that might come up. Predictive analytics can reduce time-to-market. Digital transformation is changing the business
dynamics, where quality assurance plays a major role to deliver strong solutions for dealing with the customer base. For
strong product competition or competing organizations where there is very less scope for error, analytics can help support
teams in the testing process to not only bring down the testing costs but also cut down the testing efforts. Ultimately, it will
help businesses to reach faster to the market and cut the chase.

November 9 @ 15:45
15:45 — 16:30 (45′)