In Digital, enterprises hustle a lot to get the right application, on time. Business requirements, IT priorities and functional parameters change mid-course. To succeed in a marketscape that shifts as a norm, they need to drive quality at speed. At Cognizant, we help enterprises do this with an automation-first approach – Zero-Touch QA. It helps enterprises respond to market changes faster, accelerate adoption of Agile and DevOps and build applications right, the first time. With Zero-Touch QA, Cognizant is upping the ante for quality assurance, taking it above and beyond test design and execution, to end-to-end quality orchestration. Zero-Touch QA is built on an intelligent, integrated and inclusive platform that takes charge of test data management, service virtualization, BDD/TDD and omni-channel assurance. With cognitive capabilities, it makes software development not just automated, but also autonomous.

April 26 @ 13:15
13:15 — 14:00 (45′)

Shridhara Bhat