08 May 2018
Auckland,New Zealand

Software Testing Symposium: Trends, Innovations and Challenges

Testingmind cordially invites you to attend, “Software Testing Symposium 2018”, a single day, single track event which will be held near you. Join us for this event where we celebrate Quality Assurance learnings from proven Industry leaders and practitioners. The Summit showcases the trends, innovations and challenges associated with modern and futuristic Software Quality Assurance. Look forward to sessions encompassing topics on Functional and Non-functional Quality Assurance techniques.

Apart from the engaging sessions, do savour an opportunity to network with peers and practitioners over lunch and during networking breaks to exchange ideas and extend your connectivity across organization.

The event features an inspiring day of talks by professional speakers focused on Software Testing, innovation and influence of Digital trends in Quality Assurance. Quality Assurance Leadership, Management and Strategy converge here to bring out Industry best practices and is a key meeting place for Test Professionals and Executives from leading IT organizations.

Testingmind conducts the Quality Assurance, Digital and Automation events across the globe and after a consecutive success in US, Philippines, Singapore, Israel, Australia and other geographies including New Zealand we are conducting our Second event and First on Software Testing in Auckland. Do look forward to an exciting topics and events that we have been known for. You are welcome to this event which makes it a great platform for Knowledge Sharing, Networking and Learning experience.

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Topics of Agenda

While we are preparing the final agenda for this event, the below listed topics will be covered in this one day event.

  • Testing Today’s Applications in Digital world: Tools you can use

  • Test Transformation: The Art and Technique for Success

  • Getting Ready for the Big Time: Load and Performance Testing

  • Test Metrics: What’s working and how to demonstrate value of testing?

  • Removing extra QA efforts: Optimizing Testing in reduced cycle time

  • Service Virtualization Testing: The Challenges you need to overcome

  • Trends in Test Automation: Framework, Cloud and Scripting

  • Enhancing User Experience through Quality Assurance

  • What is your testing strategy? Perspective of Testing in Product life cycle

  • Software Test Environment, Management and Architectures

  • Practices for Test Data Management

Call for Paper

Abstract Submission is closed for this event!

You have an unique abstract? You can submit it by sending a mail to kunal.gupta@testingmind.com


Blaine Holt

Product Owner, Product Manager

EROAD, New Zealand

Michael Talks

QA Manager


Samantha Laing

Agile Coach


Pramod Gupta

Test Manager


Karthik KK


Execute Automation




Akanksha Singh

Test Consultant

Planit Testing

Kunal Gupta

Quality Assurance Consultant


Thomas Hadorn

Managing Director – APAC



Time Presentation Topics & Agenda
08:15 – 09:00 Welcome & Registration
09:00 – 09:45 Rediscovering Test Strategy
Michael Talks, Datacom, QA Manager
09:45 – 10:30 The Agile Testing Mindset
Samantha Laing, Agile Coach
10:30 – 10:45 Networking Break
10:45 – 11:30 What’s working and how to demonstrate value of Testing?
Pramod Gupta, Datacom, STS Auckland
11:30 – 12:15 Smart Architecture for Software Testing
Pushparajan Balasubramanian
12:15 – 13:15 Lunch
13:15 – 14:00 Automation before integration – does service virtualization works?
Thomas Hadorn, Managing Director – APAC, Tricentis
14:00 – 14:45 Product & QA: A Power Couple creating friction-less customer experiences
Blaine Holt, Product Owner, Product Manager, EROAD, New Zealand
14:45 – 15:30 Mobile Automation Framework for Android and iOS devices
Karthik KK, Founder, Execute Automation
15:30 – 16:15 Six thinking hats of Exploratory Testing
Akanksha Singh, Test Consultant, Planit Testing
16:15 – 16:30 Networking Break
16.30 – 17:15 Assessment Models for quantifying Software Testing maturity (TMMi, TPi, etc.)
Kunal Gupta, Quality Assurance Consultant, Testingmind
17:15 – 17:20 Closing ceremony

Topic Abstract

Samantha Laing, Agile Coach

Agile testing is about more than how to squeeze enough testing in on the last few days of the sprint. However so many teams have adopted agile and not yet changed the way they test. In this hands on tutorial we will look at how agile testing is different to traditional testing and introduce some simple techniques that everyone in the team can use, to change the way they think about testing. Testing will no longer be a phase at the end to break the system and find bugs, it will be an ongoing activity, involving everyone on the team, that constantly strives to build the best possible product by prevent bugs before a single line of code is written.

Michael Talks, Datacom, QA Manager

Sometimes it can seem that the strategy for testing is something written in stone, copied and pasted unchanged from one project to the next. A template where you just change a few names and dates, and it’s done!

The last decade has been a game changer for IT – from seeing new frameworks such as agile rise in dominance, to the very way we consume technical and data service radically change with the introduction of handheld devices.

Suddenly, “what we’ve always done” has it’s own risks, because what we’re doing now is nothing like what we’ve always done! Mike Talks will take you through some of the lures and the traps in test strategy.

Pushparajan Balasubramanian

Slow, complex and unreliable tests are difficult to write, automate and expensive to maintain. A testable smart architecture enables very fast and reliable tests that are easy to write, execute and maintain. In this session, the below will be covered

i) What is smart architecture?
ii) How artificial intelligence will be used for testing the software and supporting DevOps
iii) Benefits of Smart Architecture

Blaine Holt, Product Owner, Product Manager, EROAD, New Zealand

To create frictionless customer experiences, everyone needs to be aligned around the context and situation that your product and service will be an actor in. This session will highlight the power of bringing QA along the journey of customer discovery with Product, why your standard User Story is not enough, and the pitfalls we have discovered at EROAD when Product and QA are not on the same page.

Pramod Gupta, Datacom, STS Auckland

The ever increasing complexity of today’s software products and skyrocketing costs of software breakdown have pushed the need for testing to new heights. The pressure to deliver a high-quality software product continues to grow, shrinking test schedules, limited resources and demand from stakeholders to deliver more value with the lesser cost have been escalating every day. Software testing work must be optimized to deliver good business value. Test metrics are very effective tools and when used to measure and improve, provides valuable information to enable managerial decision making over entire software life cycle. Test Metrics provide reliable support for decision –making and risk assessment and mitigation. The presentation will discuss why there is reluctance to use test metrics in some organizations and how to overcome it? How can Test leaders help project stakeholders understand the business value of testing by providing simple and effective test metrics? What test metrics can be used to determine optimum test execution? What are the most favourite and effective test progress monitoring metrics for test managers? What all quantitative and qualitative test metrics can be used to help improving efficiency and effectiveness of test process? It will also discuss some winning test metrics model to support management decisions, forecasts and trade-offs during the software life cycle.

Akanksha Singh, Test Consultant, Planit Software Testing

This talk will explain how applying Edward de Bono’s six thinking hats principles to exploratory testing can work wonders and empower testers by inspiring confidence in them with better test coverage.

Karthik KK, Founder, Execute Automation

This topic discusses on the various aspect of automating mobile Native and Hybrid applications like Ionic and Xamarin for Windows and MacOS in both Android and iOS devices. The intention of this topic is to automate application with  Same code base  One language (C#)  Supporting multiple platforms  Supporting multiple cloud-based solutions  Supporting both real and emulated devices The topic also covers the working code of how to write automation testing core base library to support multiple technologies like  Web  Mobile Hybrid  Mobile Native  Web services Current Challenge The current challenge of mobile automation testing world is disparity of languages used between different technology stacks since company uses ASP.Net for developing web application and Ionic/Xamarin application for mobile applications and automating these different application stacks with different languages will become nightmare over time as people relay on one technology stack not with diverse as the maintenance of code in course of time will become cumbersome. Solution To overcome the problem posed in the current challenge, we will cover in this topic/speech.

Kunal Gupta, Quality Assurance Consultant, Testingmind

During this session learn about the various QA assessment models and understand How to measure the maturity of a Software Testing process ? and Why it is important to benchmark and revisit maturity quantitatively ? The session will also make the audience aware of the methodology and measuring techniques used in the well known frameworks used for assessing the maturity. The quantified data helps the management to take right decisions and remove impediments for a smooth QA practice setup within the module / project / enterprise. Know about the TMMi , TPi and other well known assessment models and their usage in traditional and Agile testing practices. The usage of frameworks will help to strategies the People, Process, Tools and Technology aspect in Software QA.

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