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Hands-on Lab with The Latest Commercial and Open-Source Web, Mobile and Performance Testing Tools


10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

About the Workshop

Two years post-COVID, almost every interaction – personal and business – is done online, via desktop web or mobile application. Every business that wants to survive moving forward needs to ensure they have rock-solid IT infrastructure at both client and server end, to ensure that every digital interaction delights their customers to support the business. Today’s workshop will review all the latest generation tools for scripted and scriptless automated test creation and execution for desktop web and mobile application testing, at client and server end. The session will tackle the problems of “Rapid Automation” and “Test Data Generation” and more. Participants will receive free testing accounts on the tools used during the training and learn how to use them to automate client and server-side testing.


Who Should Attend?2024-04-17T14:44:36+05:30

Developers, software testers, software QA managers, and testing team leaders

Who Should Attend?2024-01-19T14:50:52+05:30

Developers, software testers, software QA managers, and testing team leaders

Who Should Attend?2023-05-26T10:33:55+05:30

Testers looking for solutions to eliminate some of the most common environment concerns their teams are facing.

Who Should Attend?2023-04-30T13:36:48+05:30

Though not limited to, the workshop is intended for:

  • Quality Engineers
  • Web & Mobile Application Test Engineers
  • Software Quality Testers
  • Testing and tool Owners/Managers
  • Functional & Non-Functional Testers, etc.
What should I bring along with me?2023-04-30T13:55:59+05:30

An open mind and your laptop for the hands-on workshop.

What is the workshop timing?2023-05-08T10:37:14+05:30

The workshop will start at 10:00 AM on May 19, 2023, and will end at 3:00 PM. To set up and complete the registration, please arrive at the venue by 9:30 AM.

What is the registration cost for this workshop?2023-04-30T13:49:38+05:30

The workshop is open to all, and there is no registration fee. The workshop is limited to 50 seats only. Refreshments and lunch is included with the workshop.

Learning for Participants2023-04-30T13:40:43+05:30

Learn the latest tools and industry trends on how to boost testing efficiency and lower costs. Achieve digital quality much faster and cheaper. Learn industry best practices as used by global digital leaders, including companies like CBA, NAB, Citibank, Macquarie, Vodafone, Facebook, Hyundai, Tesla etc.

Key Takeaways2024-01-19T14:47:15+05:30
  • How to approach software testing with the End User Experience in mind
  • The challenges of software testing and a better way forward
Key Takeaways2023-05-26T10:42:07+05:30

Expect to learn about the following test environment solutions:

• ­Intelligent mock services
• Synthetic test data for mobile applications
• Negative testing
• Testing on virtual mobile devices

Key Takeaways2023-04-30T13:40:56+05:30

Learn how to test both client-end devices (desktop and web) as well as load test the server-side infrastructure, using the latest cloud-based testing tools, all integrated with industry-standard open-source and commercial DevOps workflow tools. Test accounts provided for the tools used. Discuss DevOps integrations & workflows. Learn best practices from major industries who’ve done this successfully.

Key Takeaways2024-03-16T13:58:02+05:30
  • Understanding the Practical Applications of AI in Testing.
  • Explore how machine learning algorithms can identify patterns and anomalies in test results.
  • Discover how AI can accelerate the testing process, allowing you to test more extensively in a shorter timeframe.
  • Understand how AI-driven test automation leads to faster release cycles and improved time-to-market.
Key Takeaways2024-04-17T14:42:54+05:30
  • Key Principles of Product Mindset
  • What it means to be Customer Centric and Outcome-Oriented
  • How to build a High Performing Product Team
Key Takeaways2024-03-20T10:55:36+05:30
  • Embrace the evolving landscape of AI in testing; rather than fearing job displacement, focus on upskilling and staying informed.
  • Remain adaptable and proactive by continuously updating your knowledge and skills in current technology and industry trends.
  • Instead of worrying about the uncertainties of the future, empower yourself with the latest information and expertise to thrive in the ever-changing field of software testing.
Key Takeaways2024-03-20T10:56:41+05:30
  • Choosing the right automation tools significantly impacts productivity, process efficiency, and team confidence.
  • Using Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) for Integration Tests can foster stakeholder engagement. By expressing test scenarios in a business-readable format, we involve stakeholders early in the process. SpecFlow example
  • Understanding BDD, TDD, and Unit Testing will improve product quality and users’ confidence.
  • Promoting new testing concepts and tools within the team and management requires effective communication.
  • Sharing experiences, success stories, and benefits can encourage adoption and drive continuous improvement.
Key Takeaways2024-03-20T11:28:02+05:30
  • Learn how to manage and lead automation. Create a roadmap vs just having engineers automate whatever it is they are testing. Learn what questions to ask to determine that roadmap. Where is the risk? How to present results so you can promote what is being automated, where is the time saving and ROI coming from, and most importantly communicating and collaborating with your business and systems teams to plan properly.
Key Takeaways2024-03-22T15:23:06+05:30
  • Simplified Setup: This webinar provides a clear blueprint for setting up robust automation tests that anyone can follow, ensuring reliability and efficiency in your testing process.
  • Versatile Capabilities of Playwright: Explore the diverse functionalities of Playwright, including its extensive support for mobile and visual testing. Learn how to leverage these features to enhance the quality and coverage of your automation tests.
Key Takeaways2024-03-07T17:42:00+05:30
  • Utilizing inferred test data for efficient testing.
  • Speeding up feedback with targeted test scripts.
  • Reusing test cases across different environments.
  • Creating environment-independent test scripts.
  • Automating test processes to eliminate manual handling.

Sreevatsa Sreerangaraju

APAC Technical Lead, Perforce

Trainer Profile

Sreevatsa Sreerangaraju works as APAC Technical Lead at Perforce and bags over 20 years of experience. He has several years of experience as a Partners Manager in the field of QA Manual, Automation and Performance testing.

Sreevatsa has played several roles such as, Technical Enablement, Partnership building, Developer, Trainer, Manager, Pre-Sales, on various domains like Banking (Retail/Treasury), Telecom and has a very strong knowledge & working experience on multiple testing tools. He has worked with multiple GSI’s in building a strong partner ecosystem.

MAY 19, 2023

Registration is limited to 50 seats only.





Perforce Sydney Office
Suite 14.02, Level 14
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