Building Robust Regression Packs To Master Any Test Environment

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10:00 AM – 11:00 AM (EST)

About the Webinar

Automated regression packs often require manual intervention for maintaining test data, limiting regression scope, and adapting to changing environments. Our philosophy aims to enhance the reliability and maintainability of test scripts by employing strategic methods that utilize inferred test data, offer configurable regression testing scope, and eliminate the need for manual intervention during automated regression runs.


Who Should Attend?2024-03-22T15:24:14+05:30

Developers, software testers, software QA managers, and testing team leaders

Key Takeaways2024-03-07T17:42:00+05:30
  • Utilizing inferred test data for efficient testing.
  • Speeding up feedback with targeted test scripts.
  • Reusing test cases across different environments.
  • Creating environment-independent test scripts.
  • Automating test processes to eliminate manual handling.


Moxe Tibane – Lead Quality Engineer, Investec

Moxe Tibane, Lead Automation Engineer at Investec. With over 8 years of expertise spanning Automation Testing, Software Development, Business Analysis, and Scrum Mastery, Moxe brings a wealth of multi-disciplinary knowledge to the table. His forte lies in design analysis, allowing him to strategically leverage a diverse skill set to pinpoint critical features in software solutions. Proficient in C#, Java, and Typescript, Moxe excels in automation frameworks like RestSharp, WebdriverIO, Selenium, and more. Join Moxe as he shares insights on mastering reliable, maintainable, and robust regression packs that transcend test environments.


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