The Product Mindset

Join our webinar to explore ‘The Product Mindset’: Agile delivery, user engagement, and empathy driving impactful digital solutions.


10:00 AM – 11:00 AM (EST)

About the Webinar

In the contemporary digital landscape, product delivery has evolved into a dynamic creative process. Achieving exceptional customer experiences necessitates rapid iteration and user feedback. Product Managers must embrace direct user engagement, fostering empathy to address genuine needs collaboratively. This paradigm, termed “The Product Mindset,” emphasizes agile delivery of impactful digital solutions aligned with customer and business goals. Implementing this mindset entails organizational transformation and a commitment to learning and adaptation for tangible results.


Who Should Attend?2024-04-17T14:44:36+05:30

Developers, software testers, software QA managers, and testing team leaders

Key Takeaways2024-04-17T14:42:54+05:30
  • Key Principles of Product Mindset
  • What it means to be Customer Centric and Outcome-Oriented
  • How to build a High Performing Product Team


Vinayak Sen – Product Manager, Slalom

With over 19 years of expertise spanning Enterprise Agile Transformations, Lean-Agile Coaching, Product and Project Management, and Quality Engineering. Vinayak has consistently delivered valuable services to Global Fortune 500 clients, cultivating high-performing cross-functional teams in complex, multi-vendor settings. Vin’s coaching roles have yielded exceptional results in Agile Transformations.


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