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Emerging Test Automation and Digital QA: Trends, Innovations and Challenges

Test Automation and Digital QA Summit 2017 is a single day, single track event where Quality Assurance Leadership, Management and Strategy converge. The Summit showcases the trends, innovations and challenges in the emerging world of Software Testing. The Digital transformation requirements and its focus on Quality Assurance amends the best practices of the Culture, Business Strategy and Technology.

In the ever evolving technology and the goal to achieve faster Time to Market the role of Intelligent Testing to predict defects and usage of cross functional skills with right Business Process to ensure quality product is as important. The event is planned to give a deeper insight and enhance the ability to execute, ability to adopt and ability to measure.

Testingmind conducts the Quality Assurance, Digital and Automation events across the globe and after a consecutive success in US, Australia, Singapore and other geographies we are conducting our first annual event in Israel. Do look forward to an exciting topics and events that we have been known for. You are welcome to this event which makes it a great platform for Knowledge Sharing, Networking and Learning experience.

This one-day conference features a highly interactive programme – case studies and traditional presentations interspersed with fishbowl. Discussions with the industry leaders and practitioners will help you to develop and formulate a test automation strategy and execution framework which is applicable for your own requirements.
Participate in the interactive fishbowl session and discuss these topics. Come along and have your say – learn from your peers and leave with fresh ideas to improve your Technical skills and Management strategy.

Test Automation and Digital QA Summit is open to all, but is aimed and produced for those professionals that recognise the crucial importance of software testing within the software development lifecycle. Therefore the content is geared towards C-level IT executives, QA directors, heads of testing, test managers, senior engineers and test professionals.

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Topics of Agenda

While we are preparing the final agenda, this event will have essence of the topics listed below.

  • Intelligent Testing

  • Setting up Effective Test Automation Environment

  • Automated Digital Assurance for Mobility

  • Effective Estimation and Process implementation

  • Data driven Quality Assurance with Predictive Analytics

  • Early Performance and Non Functional Testing in Agile and DevQAOps

  • Digital Transformation in Quality Assurance

  • Elevating Cloud and Service Virtualization in QA

  • Building Security into an Agile/DevOps environment

  • Performance Engineering to enhance User Experience


Avishai Shafir

VP Marketing


Arnon Axelrod

Senior Consultant

Sela Group

Joel Montvelisky

Product and Solution Architect

Practi Test

Gil Zilberfeld

Software Consultant & Agile Coach

Everyday Unit Testing

Eugene Leibovich

Software Reliability Manager


Serge Lazimi

Director of Product Management


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Time Presentation Topics & Agenda
08:30 – 09:00 Welcome & Registration
09:00 – 09:45 Test Automation & Architecture
Arnon Axelrod, Senior Consultant, Sela Group
09:45 – 10:30 Future of Software Testing
Joel Montvelisky, Chief Solution Architect & QA Manager, PractiTest
10:30 – 11:00 Refreshment Break
11:00 – 11:45 What’s Your Product Testing Strategy – Perspective of Testing in Product Life Cycle
Gil Zilberfeld, Software Consultant & Agile Coach, Everyday Unit Testing
11:45 – 12:30 How to Measure Test Quality
Avishai Shafir, VP – Marketing, Sealights.io
12:30 – 13:15 Lunch Break
13:15 – 14:00 Resilience test and Service Monitoring through Automation Approach in Microservices system
Eugene Leibovich, Software Reliability Manager, Liveperson
14:00 – 14:45 Business and IT Convergence – the solution to quality at speed dilemma
Serge Lazimi, Director of Product Management – Testing Solutions, Panaya
14:45 – 15:15 Refreshment Break
15:15 – 16:00 Topic to be announced soon. Our panel is in progress to select the appropriate and informative topics from the submitted papers.
16:00 – 17:00 Fishbowl Session
17:00 – 17:05 Event Closing & Networking Opportunity

Topic Abstract

Test Automation & Architecture

Arnon Axelrod, Senior Consultant, Sela Group

Like any software project, test automation has an architecture (whether solidly planned, or an “accidental” architecture). In addition, the architecture of a test automation project is tightly related to the architecture of the application under test. In this talk, we’ll discuss various important aspects of the architecture of test automation, with many real-world examples. In particular we’ll discuss architectural patterns that affect the reliability of the tests, including the development and use of simulators for things that are beyond the reach of the end user.

Future of Software Testing

Joel Montvelisky, Product and Solution Architect, Practi Test

The world of software development and testing has been in constant movement since it began back in the 40’s, but the pace of change has accelerated considerably in the last 5-10 years. This session will focus on how these changes are affecting and will affect testing even more in the coming years. – Will testing still be around? – What will be our work and responsibilities? – What can we do to make sure we keep providing value in the years to come. The future of QA is not necessarily around testing (there might be testing involved too, but it won’t be as much as we do today) and it is better to be prepared for it, than to be sorry later on.

What’s Your product Testing Strategy? Testing in context. Testing where it matters – Perspective of testing in product lifecycle

Gil Zilberfeld, Software Consultant & Agile Coach, Everyday Unit Testing

We know that testing depends on context. We need to apply context also in our testing strategy, depending on where we are in the process – Are we in the beginning of the project, or towards the end? Are we testing for user experience, or functionality? Do we need automation at all, or maybe we’ve got so much automation, we’re already thinking on how to test our app on production servers? The way we’re thinking strategically about testing is at the heart of this session. We’ll talk how to plan testing in different scales – Phases of product development (using Kent Beck’s 3X model – eXplore, eXpand, eXtract), from a “release” to a feature, from stories to a micro-drop. We’ll discuss testing MVPs or stable products, the risks in the specific level, and testing in production. We’ll also cover how things that we don’t see related affects our testing strategy. And what does culture has to do with it? Strategy. Not what you thought.

How to measure your test quality?

Avishai Shafir, VP Marketing, Sealights

The #1 reason for quality drops in CI/CD is the inability to measure tests quality. In this session, we will discuss: – New metrics to determine test quality – How to benchmark your regression tests quality against industry standards – How to identify and block untested code changes per build – How to track skipped and flaky tests easily – How the QA team can influence the developers “Pull Request” process.

Resilience Test and Service monitoring through Automation approach in microservices system

Eugene Leibovich, Software Reliability Manager, Liveperson

Overview of the resilience test – Why resilience test is crucial in the microservice system – Simple resilience test and service monitoring – Automation approach.

Business and IT Convergence – the solution to quality at speed dilemma

Serge Lazimi, Director of Product Management – Testing Solutions, Panaya

Automation goes beyond traditional solutions to lights out testing. It must be applied to new areas to ensure IT and business teams deliver application change most efficiently. Learn how QA practices become more agile, reduce risk and deliver change faster with the right tools and methodologies to ensure business and IT convergence. 3 Key Take Away Points Drive business user adoption with the right UAT tools and methodology Increase the accuracy of test cases without reliance on business users Achieve true automation with zero-touch testing from planning through execution.

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