Our Services


An empowered workforce is an asset to any organization. We work with organizations to enhance the skills of leaders, teams, or individuals through training and certifications.

Our training portfolio includes Software Testing, Agile Methodology, Project Management, DevOps, and Cybersecurity.


Based on your need we guide and support your company through an Agile Transition as well as support your teams in using Scrum, Kanban or Lean. Our structured and proven practices help your teams understand the principles behind the practices. We do not come with a blueprint, instead we help you set up your own way of being Agile. We empower you to find solutions to your problems and optimize your processes through retrospection and continuous improvement.


IT outsourcing is a strategic approach for businesses today to handle traditional software needs with cutting-edge technology stack and software development sources.

Testingmind offers businesses the flexibility to keep up with the changing dynamics of the modern world with advanced software outsourcing services. Our teams work with you for your growth by mitigating risks, accelerating deliveries, and offering agile solutions.


Organizations make strategic decisions to outsource the management of their procurement process. Vendor management prevents business stagnation by ensuring the best contracts and offerings. As a Managed Services Provider (MSP), we employ vendor management best practices to best assist our clients in meeting and exceeding business goals.

Our fully customizable and automated vendor management system helps streamline the processes that support the sourcing, acquisition, management, and payment of your on-demand services.