Scrum For Distributed Teams


With global sourcing, telecommuting, working from home and freelancing becoming more common today, distributed and dispersed teams have started to become a norm. 

This workshop takes you through the Foundation of Scrum, the practical realities of Distributed Scrum across the globe dealing with different time-zones too and helps instill confidence in you to tackle the challenges that might come with Distributed Scrum in your projects.

We do this in a fun and interactive workshop mode with a Live Simulation of Distributed teams for you to experience the different Scrum roles, artefacts and meetings when teams are distributed.


  • Understand what is Scrum and its key foundations
  • Understand and experience different challenges faced with Distributed Scrum and potential options to overcome them
  • Understand and experience the different roles and how they work together across Timezones
  • Understand and facilitate communication and collaboration across a distributed Agile team working across different Time-zones
  • Understand how to and facilitate lift-off of a Distributed Scrum project


Date Location Trainer Registration Fee
18-19 April 2017 Bangalore Sarika Kharbanda Rs 21000.00 + ST
22-23 April 2017 Pune Sarika Kharbanda Rs 21000.00 + ST


The trainer was knowledgeable, handled all queries confidently and gave lot of good suggestions
Sanjay Gopalarathnam, Honeywell
Lot of activities and easy explanation of complex theories.
Pusapati Ramanuj, Honeywell
Overall a great course content and facilitator knowledge.
Vijay Kumar, Honeywell
The trainer is fun and a fantastic story teller. Her stories and exercises helped us learn the concepts.
Mahima, Vmware
This training session was helpful. I was able to understand role of scrum master, product owner and dev team.
Rajeev N.M.