18 July 2018

Emerging Test Automation and Digital influence in QA: Trends, Innovations and Challenges

Testingmind cordially invites you to attend, “Test Automation and Digital QA Summit 2018”, a single day, single track event which will be held near you. Join us for this event where we celebrate Quality Assurance learnings from proven Industry leaders and practitioners. The Summit showcases the trends, innovations and challenges in the emerging world of Software Automation Testing.

Apart from the engaging sessions on Test Automation and Digital Assurance do savour an opportunity to network with peers and practitioners over lunch and during networking breaks to exchange ideas and extend your connectivity across organization.

The event features an inspiring day of talks by professional speakers focused on Test Automation innovation and influence of Digital trends in Quality Assurance. Quality Assurance Leadership, Management and Strategy converge here to bring out Industry best practices and is a key meeting place for Test Professionals and Executives from leading IT organizations.

Testingmind conducts the Quality Assurance, Digital and Automation events across the globe and after a consecutive success in US, Philippines, Sydney, Israel, New Zealand and other geographies including Singapore we are conducting our first event on Test Automation and Digital QA Summit. Do look forward to an exciting topics and events that we have been known for. You are welcome to this event which makes it a great platform for Knowledge Sharing, Networking and Learning experience.

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Topics of Agenda

While we are preparing the final agenda for this event, the below listed topics will be covered in this one day event.

  • Testing Today’s Applications in Digital world: Tools you can use

  • Integrating Automated Testing into DevOps and Agile

  • Service Virtualization Testing: The Challenges you need to overcome

  • How effective is your Test Automation Scripting?

  • Test Automation in Digital World – Leveraging Analytics and Intelligent Testing

  • Testing Today’s Application – Test Automation Tools you can use

  • Setting up Effective and Scalable Test Automation Environments

  • Mobility Assurance through Automation

  • Digital Transformation in Quality Assurance – Following the Change in QA

  • Automating Load and Performance Testing


Tim Carpenter

Director, Head: Test Engineering and Tools

Standard Chartered Bank

Sherman Chen



Raj Kamal

Release Manager/Program Manager, APAC


Brynley Scully

Senior Principal Consultant


Majid Bhatti

Programme Director

DBS Singapore

Ram Shanmugam

Co-founder and CEO

AutonomIQ Inc.

Vara Lakshmi


Global Blue

Kunal Gupta

Quality Assurance Consultant


Kameswara Rao Bhamidipati

Portfolio Test Manager

Credit Suisse


Time Presentation Topics & Agenda
08:15 – 09:00 Welcome & Registration
09:00 – 09:45 The Evolution of Test Automation: A Cambrian Explosion
Tim Carpenter, Director: Head, Test Engineering and Tools, Standard Chartered Bank
09:45 – 10:30 Automation FIRST Mindset in Agile environment
Raj Kamal, Release Manager/Program Manager, APAC, Facebook
10:30 – 10:45 Networking Break
10:45 – 11:30 Probing Questions about Software Testing
Brynley Scully, Senior Principal Consultant, Tescom
11:30 – 12:15 Applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to reduce cycle time in Software Testing and improve Product Quality
Ram Shanmugan, Co-Founder and CEO, AutonomIQ
12:15 – 13:15 Lunch
13:15 – 14:00 Testing Transformation towards Agile – Devops and CI
Kameswara Rao Bhamidipati, Portfolio Test Manager, Credit Suisse
14:00 – 14:45 Enhancing User Experience through Quality Assurance
Sherman Chen, Founder, onlinelabseries
14:45 – 15:30 Agile Insights and Setting up Effective & Scalable Test Automation Environments
Majid Bhatti, Programme Director, DBS Singapore
15:30 – 15:45 Networking Break
15:45 – 16:30 Agile Testing Metrics
Vara Lakshmi, QA Head, APAC, Global Blue
16:30 – 17:15 Assessment Models for quantifying Software Testing maturity (TMMi, TPi, etc.)
Kunal Gupta, Quality Assurance Consultant, Testingmind
17:15 – 17:20 Closing ceremony

Topic Abstract

Tim Carpenter, Director: Head, Test Engineering and Tools, Standard Chartered Bank

Agile is not a new process that just retains existing domains and structure, overlaying them with new process regimes or standards. Agile is an entirely new way to operate. Roles will change. Roles will disappear. Team structure, hierarchies and reporting lines rebuilt from the ground up.

The Cambrian Explosion happened 540million years ago, and was a sudden proliferation in new life forms. All the main forms of life we have now came into being. Those forms that evolved and exploited the opportunities thrived. Those that did not, remaining much as they did in the Ediacaran Period, died out.

Agile is a Cambrian Explosion of new forms. If one remains in the past, one risks becoming ext.

Sherman Chen, Founder, onlinelabseries

As the rest of the world begins to be introduced into the Agile-UX mentality, it is important to understand what are some of the techniques & tools that can be used to help bring about a better quality when thinking about, designing or working on the experiences of any projects. Be it a web, desktop, mobile app, or IoT related software, it is hard to avoid Agile-UX now. Agile-UX is on a rising demand right now in the region as well as around the world, and it is at the center of the foundations for building better practices when it comes to the quality control to ensure better experiences for any kind of user. Beyond just understanding and knowing about the tools and techniques, industry leaders must also understand the mindset that goes behind it. This talk will be aimed at helping leaders to get into that mentality.

Raj Kamal, Release Manager/Program Manager, APAC

This is story of a team which made the journey from “automating the manual test cases” to “Automation FIRST”. This is also the team who used to think “automation if time permits or automating later” to “automate now”. Also, the same team who used to think “we need more testing effort for automation” to “the effort that we have is for test automation”

As head of testing and release management, I had a unique opportunity to remove the obstacles which blocks the teams from doing automation and taking some risk and bold decisions to do automation which is not always the “easiest” thing to do but definitely the “right” thing to do in long term.

Yes, we used BDD (Behavior Driven Development) along with Selenium, API, DB automation running with CI/CD pipeline on Cloud but this session is NOT about tools and automation frameworks. This tool is about changing the “mindset” of the testers, management and stakeholders and doing everyone a favor by doing “automation” FIRST.

I started my career as automation engineer and I have gone through the pain that many of you may be going through everyday. In this session I will try to address the common pain points and how do you fight against them to come out as a winner.

Brynley Scully, Senior Principal Consultant, Tescom

In this session, the audience will get to hear probing questions about software testing that will make them think, reflect, and examine the way they currently do software testing. The audience will also get to hear actual cases from the speaker’s wealth of software testing experience. This session gets the audience to focus on self-improvement, for the ultimate aim of delighting users of the software apps.

Brynley Scully is a software testing professional, with over 20+ years work experience. He’s worked in end-user and IT service vendor companies, in many projects across many industries, and is a strong evangelist for good software testing.

Ram Shanmugan, Co-Founder and CEO, AutonomIQ Inc.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have ground-breaking potential across all sectors of industry and science: the outputs of AI / ML have remarkable possibilities – it increases our accuracy, speeds our decision making and increases our productivity. In this presentation, we will explore and embrace AI’s promise in accelerating the entire software testing cycle and demonstrate specific areas where AI and machine learning have led to demonstrable improvement in software quality improvement, testing cycle time reduction and better software bug prediction. This discussion will also explore real-world use-cases, benefits, and limitations on how testing and QA organizations are embracing AI and ML techniques.

Kunal Gupta, Quality Assurance Consultant, Testingmind

During this session learn about the various QA assessment models and understand How to measure the maturity of a Software Testing process ? and Why it is important to benchmark and revisit maturity quantitatively ? The session will also make the audience aware of the methodology and measuring techniques used in the well known frameworks used for assessing the maturity. The quantified data helps the management to take right decisions and remove impediments for a smooth QA practice setup within the module / project / enterprise. Know about the TMMi , TPi and other well known assessment models and their usage in traditional and Agile testing practices. The usage of frameworks will help to strategies the People, Process, Tools and Technology aspect in Software QA.

Kameswara Rao Bhamidipati, Portfolio Test Manager, Credit Suisse

Though Agile methodologies exists for the past 10+ years in Software industry, ‘Continuous Integration’ and ‘Devops’ are the glittering terms in today’s world and getting a big traction in the IT industry transformation. These terms not only threaten to make mockery of traditional testing practices, also posing new challenges for Testing teams. As the production delivery cycles are getting shorten day by day, new set of challenges emerging for QA professionals to rethink on testing strategy. Devops puts Dev, QA and ops team together in the same boat and force them to travel together though their fundamental tasks are different. On the other end, Continuous Integration (CI) practice adds code continuously in to the application which is already in production to meet the customer demands, conveys another challenge to QA team to maintain the application stability as well as assessing the new code behaviour in Production (Called End to End testing). Automation is the simple term to pronounce as a solution to these challenges but it has its own complexity when it comes to implementation. ‘One size doesn’t fit for all’ exactly matches here as we have so many tools available, choosing a right tool which can fit our purpose is the biggest challenge which requires experience and good technical knowledge.
As part of this presentation, I would like to present my experience of using these tools, challenges and Solutions we found so far.


Ramada Singapore at Zhongshan Park

Hall Name: Balestier 2 and 3

16 Ah Hood Rd

Singapore 329982

Event Registration


$45000Ends 16 July 2018
  • Full access to Summit
  • Networking Breaks
  • Refreshments and Lunch
  • Access to recorded materials

ST: Group of 2

$85000Ends 16 July 2018
  • Full access to Summit
  • Networking Breaks
  • Refreshments and Lunch
  • Access to recorded materials

ST: Group of 3+1

$166000Ends 16 July 2018
  • Full access to Summit
  • Networking Breaks
  • Refreshments and Lunch
  • Access to recorded materials

ST: Group of 5+1

$243000Ends 16 July 2018
  • Full access to Summit
  • Networking Breaks
  • Refreshments and Lunch
  • Access to recorded materials

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