I’m your Business Solutions Go-to Guy. My work/life mantra: Serve Solve Share Support Simplify ?

Experienced in Integrated Marketing Communications, Holistic Content Marketing, Social Media & Social Business Strategy, Project/ Brand/ Event/ Business Management.

I have been fortunate to work with some highly talented people on international brands in global advertising & marketing communications agencies in India, Bahrain and New Zealand.

Exposure to different markets, environments and cultures has taught me to be a citizen of the world, celebrate diversity and focus on the human elements in commercial transactions.

I am as passionate about Quality Content Creation today (be it digital technology or social media), as I am positive about Business Success Creation (be it sales, project or team management).

Core Focus: ADDING VALUE via (1) Social Business Design + Enabling Social Enterprise (2) Holistic Content Strategy + Content Loop Management (3) Cross-Platform Integration of Marketing, Branding, PR and Communications

Professional Passion: (1) Creating Results and ROI. Achieving Business Growth. (2) Helping individuals reach their maximum intellectual potential (3) Creative Catalyst – supporting those who want to make a difference.

Specialties: • Empowering management to realize their vision, business objectives and CSR goals
• Generated marketing strategy and seamlessly integrated brand, retail, digital & direct campaigns
• Social Media Content & Community Management
• Managed the creative department of an ad agency
• Writer, Blogger, Consultant, Coach
• Conference Speaker / Trainer
• Organizer and MC at Social Media Events