this talk is for anyone who is deeply involved in Quality processes in the cool, future-shaping and modern R&D teams. QA, Product Leaders, R&D leaders and else may find this talk very helpful. we already hear every now and then smart-guys say ” we are working Extreme Programming and Scrum, we own the quality of our code and we don’t need these (QA) guys around”. well, is that right? well, that may be true if QA guys do not adapt as required, but what does it mean to adapt? in this talk we will discuss how important is Automation to support CI/CD, what is Quality Evangelist and what the hell is he doing, we’ll hear some failure and success stories, and hopefully remove some of the confusion around the role of QA in the new SW development world. my name is Amos Raber, I’ve been building QA teams and Quality processes and culture in several small-mid size startups till the day they became corporate..I’ve also played other leading roles such as VP Operations, Product Manager and even started my career as a Java Developer. most of the startups I’ve worked at became a great success, and proudly I can say that in all of them there was a very robust Quality culture (and processes, tools, etc.) to support that.