My approach to software testing involves exploring the system to learn if end user expectations as well as management requirements are satisfied. To this end, I employ a combination of exploratory, scripted and automated testing approaches to try to delve deeply into the application under test to find as many bugs as possible.

This approach involves close communication and input from development teams, management and any additional stakeholder that can suggest tests for better exploration to verify that the applications function according to both end user expectations and design specifications.

I have employed this approach successfully since 2003 at every level of the software testing spectrum, from executing manual test cases to creating test strategies in international corporations as as Test Manager. A main focus of my test effort is on test design, which focuses on researching the System under Test to explore the software quality in detail.

To summarize, my approach to QA and software testing involves the following:

-Test Plan creation
-Gathering documentation about the system under test
-Exploratory testing
-Record and organize test exploration results for additional testing and regression testing
-Test case creation and execution
-Test automation with Robot Framework & Selenium Webdriver
-Automated regression test execution
-Python scripting
-Performance testing

I report testing results, both failed and passed cases, to the development team to fix bugs where necessary but also to communicate the state of the software’s stability. I have found this kind of communication of results helps to increase the number of tests and can indicate areas of the software that may require additional exploration. This approach involves much more than just providing numbers, but even more so strives to describe the state of the software’s reliability for the End User.