Cameron joined Tabcorp as a consultant lead automation engineer in March 2016 on the abacus (terminal operator system replacement) project which sits in the retail digital space.

In this role, he drove a significant transformation of the wider team’s approach to QA across Digital by implementing common practices that were expanded beyond the abacus project. Due to the wider teams improved performance with regards to quality assurance and test automation he was offered the newly established position at Tabcorp to Head up the QA practice across all Melbourne Digital projects.

Prior to Tabcorp, he spent numerous years working across various companies (startup and finance) as both a software engineer and as an automation engineer.

His passion for QA and automation really grew from experiencing first-hand the incredible business value and quality that can be delivered by running a technical, continuously improving and highly skilled digital QA practice with automation at the forefront.

Cameron’s key strengths are his strong technical and coding skills, the outcome-driven approach and highly visible culture he cultivates within the team, his passion for team learning and continuous improvements as well nurturing a visionary team approach to QA that ties the best of both manual and automation testing approaches to ultimately delivery quality systems for Tabcorp’s customers.