Dmitriy develops software applications, their architectures and whatever customers need with a wide variety of technologies: JavaEE, .NET, Python, SQL. He champions the adoption of iterative and agile practices and automation. Dmitriy has been a professional software developer and architect since PCs had 512K of RAM. He holds an M.S. equivalent degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, with Honors, from Moscow State University. In 2002, while working with the agile pioneer Dave Astels, he saw the agile light, which illuminated the dark ways of traditional software development processes ;-). Today Dmitriy is a member and an occasional speaker at Washington D.C area user groups. He enjoys learning new technology and languages. In those few spare moments that are left from IT work and family life, Dmitriy enjoys exploring great coffeehouses; listening to an enormous number of podcasts; exercising; and watching soccer, movies and TV series.