Ketan has 17+ years of experience varying from Manufacturing/Embedded to BFS. A Core engineer at heart, he has done his Masters in Marketing, a Green Belt Certified Professional from GE and a CSM certified professional from Scrum Alliance, he believes in Continuous Learning. As a senior solutions architect has been instrumental in ideating solutions meeting the needs of Agile projects. An avid learner/experimenter of open source tools and frameworks, Ketan works to bring in their flavor and relevance to the Dev Ops Tool chain. He has been instrumental in ideation, concept and implementation of Dev Ops solutions to aid faster and continuous integration, deployment and testing. Working with marquee customers and a leading US Retail bank, he has helped develop Automation and Continuous Testing Strategies for them. He also helped set up an unattended continuous testing portal, a first of its kind in 2015. He has enabled and trained a set of client development and testing teams in Agile and Dev Ops in 2016. Ketan, of his self-interest has been reading around Dev Ops, Block chain and AI-ML implementations in the BFS space and how Testing relates to the same. He has been instrumental in strategy and implementation of testing workforce transformation for multiple accounts/teams to help scale up the capability, knowledge to ensure teams stay skills relevant in new age of Agile/Dev Ops and Machine Learning.