Natasha Anderson is a dreamer and an optimist. Bitten by the testing ‘bug’ around 15 years ago, this then aspiring software engineer navigated her career into the then little known waters of Software Testing. Guided by her compulsion to leave everything she touches a little better than she found it and her love to break things apart just to understand how it works.

Her youthful curiosity led her to completing a BSc majoring in Computer Science however, once she discovered her nexus she went on to pursue ISTQB and Leadership Certifications. She strongly believes that knowledge is power and apart from continuously self-learning, she seeks opportunities to share this message. An avid supporter of being part of the change you want to see in this world, more importantly in our Country, Natasha volunteer’s wherever she can. She was part of the WeCode program in which a group of kids were taught to code and control drones using their newly developed engineering skills.

Her career has seen her take on various roles: tester, trainer, senior manager and capability lead. In her current role as Practice Lead, Natasha’s enables DevOps and SRE practices.

Always applying herself to create efficiencies, shift the perception of testers and raise the bar of what is possible in her field, Natasha considers her superpower to be her energy and her ability to inspire others to unlock the best in themselves while she rolls up her sleeves and gets to work with the rest of her team.