Advocating. Creating. Connecting.

I advocate for diversity and inclusion in all my roles. I am passionate about having different voices represented, using social media marketing and the speaking stage. I believe that with diversity on stage, conferences, workshops, and seminars can be exciting, engaging, and educational.

I am also a strong believer in successful domain transitions. People can succeed in any industry or country by learning new skills. I have lived in 4 different countries and have leveraged my knowledge, skills, and love for learning to move into different industries.

As a Marketer, I envision and execute marketing campaigns to promote experts to organisers and companies, and work with them to help them excite, motivate, and empower their clients and staff and increase their ROI.

I am passionate about creating content and social media marketing. I implemented my marketing ideas at organisations I joined and used my skills in merchandise planning to analyze and track results. As a result, I have improved brand awareness, and increased following and engagements. As a writer, I have contributed articles to APAC publications, with topics ranging from lifestyle to HR Tech.

I believe in the power of connecting, be it online and offline. Through my various marketing roles, I engage with people from different companies and industries to exchange views and to learn through their experiences. I am a member of the Asia Professional Speakers Singapore, the Asia American Journalists Association, and the Marketing Society.

I have successfully organised the first World Marketing Summit in partnership with Kotler Impact, and successfully co-organised the first International Women’s Day Event for a non-profit organisation through online marketing and tapping into the power of connections.

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Specialties: Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, Marketing Campaigns, Public Speaking